Paper Monuments Project

Paper Monuments is a project designed to elevate the voices of the people of New Orleans in the process of creating new symbols for our city that represent all of our people. During the process, you'll see posters and flyers across New Orleans showing some of the people, places, events, and movements that have shaped our city over the past 300 years. We reached out to some of New Orleans greatest activists, historians, storytellers, and artists to honor these erased histories as we look towards the future. This tour of Paper Monuments will expand as more are created.

McDonogh Day Boycott

John McDonogh was a wealthy businessman and owner of enslaved people during the early 19th century, when New Orleans was one of the nation's most prosperous cities. Upon his death in 1850, he donated much of his fortune to the education of "poor…

The Funeral of André Cailloux

Since its founding 150 years earlier, New Orleans had never seen anything like it: immense crowds of black residents, including members of thirty-some mutual aid societies, thronging Esplanade Avenue for more than a mile to witness the funeral…
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